About Us

Founded in 1996, our company exports to many countries around the world at the point where as of today, with the vast experience gained in industrial machinery and the quality of serving you. R & D efforts to improve the quality with each passing day and work towards continuous improvement.
HAKSAN GROUP as our goal is maximum quality to evaluate the best way to present the demands of the most affordable. Our company continues its activities with offices located in Germany and Algeria, including the Turkey office.
Our mission; our customers with international standards using the latest technologies to sustain competitiveness by providing efficient and high quality production environments. The powerful body structure at all plant and machinery we sell, for a series of studies and the latest technological equipment, skilled workmanship, customer satisfaction with long life and maintenance support is accepted as unchangeable principle.
Haksan Group, according to the request of the customer in his facility also provides production services and maintenance training. Quality production, customer satisfaction has always carried out with experienced and skilled engineers and technicians are provided.
In addition, not only on the machine on to its customers in research and development but also after our technicians know the talented sales and production processes, provides training in the customer element.
With the quality of our fairs we have attended so far have demonstrated to the whole world; We perform studies and export HAKSAN we have become a brand recognized all over the world.
Our Company Practice Areas:
• Turnkey Plant and Machinery
• Second Hand Machinery
• Heavy Machinery
• Food Machinery
• Textile Machinery
• Packaging and Filling Machines
• PE - PP - PVC Injection Molding Machines
• Road Construction Machinery
• Agricultural machinery
• Brick, Marble, Paving Stone Machines
• Nail & Teller Machines
• Small Scale Industrial Machinery
• Lathes • Cleaning Machines
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