About Us

Established in 1996 and exporting to many countries of the world as of today, our company is serving you with its vast experience and quality in industrial machines.
AR-GE has been aiming to increase the quality every day and continuous development with its studies.
As Haksan group , our aim is to evaluate the incoming demands in the best way and to offer the maximum quality with the best prices.
Our company continues its activities with its offices in China, Germany and Algeria, Turkey's central office.
Haksan group  also provide production and maintenance training services at the facilities they have requested, according to the customer's request.
Quality production, experienced and skilled engineers and technicians are always satisfied with the satisfaction of the customer is provided.
In addition, our research and development on the customer not only in terms of machines, but also talented and know the production process, after sales, customer training in the region provides.
With our fairs that we have participated so far, we have displayed our quality to the whole world; With the studies we have carried out and the exports we have made, HAKSAN has become a recognized brand all over the world.